Afrofuturism Interview on Dr. Courtney Cox’s (U of Oregon) Af Am Studies Podcast

smntcs afrofuturism sama'an ashrawi courtney cox

SMNTCS founder Sama’an Ashrawi appears for an interview on Dr. Courtney Cox’s (University of Oregon) Intro to African American Studies podcast to discuss the animated series he created, Afrofuturism, and what inspired it. The series is hosted by U.K. artist Little Simz, and highlights key figures in Afrofuturism, like Sun Ra, Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura, George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, and Missy Elliott. Afrofuturism, the series, was co-produced with Steven Jackson, co-written by Karas Lamb, and animated by Monica Ahanonu, Daveion Thompson & Virtual CocktailAfrofuturism also features music by Arima Ederra, Joyce Wrice, and Beanz N Kornbread.

Personal note from Sama’an: Dr. Cox has been a hugely inspiring and motivating to me in my interview work. She’s helped me think about new and unique ways to ask questions, so it was an honor to be on the receiving end of her questions!


Listen to the 20-minute podcast below:

And, if you haven’t, check out the Afrofuturism animated series here: