Big Boi of OutKast Talks UGK Backstage

Big Boi, and OutKast, have a long-standing historical connection to UGK. Way before either group got famous, you can hear Pimp C shouting out OutKast on the Ridin’ Dirty outro, and you can spot a few glimpses of Bun in Goodie Mob’s “Cell Therapy” music video. They’ve collaborated on wax several times, including the Grammy-nominated “Int’l Player’s Anthem,” produced by fellow Southern legends, Three 6 Mafia. Can you imagine how great that tour could have been? UGK, OutKast, and Three 6 Mafia could have done a world tour, I’m sure of it. Sadly, we’ll never know. But, I digress…

While filming the first of my UGK documentary series, I caught wind of a show sponsored by FADER and VitaminWater, part of their #uncapped series, featuring Little Dragon, A-Trak, and, yes, Big Boi. I eventually found myself backstage, and, with the help of a promoter by the name of Chris Proper, wound up meeting and interviewing Big Boi and Little Dragon. I gave Big Boi my pitch: I was a mentee of Bun B, I’m working on a UGK documentary, and I would love to hear a story or two. I was still in college.

Big Boi wound up telling me the story of he and Andre 3000’s friend, Lamont (Lamar?), aka “Stealin’ Lamont,” who earned his name because of his knack for stealing cars, of course. There they were, the three of them, cruising around in a stolen Volkswagen Jetta, when they heard UGK for the first time.

“First time I heard [UGK’s] ‘Pocket Full of Stones’, we were off of Stewart Avenue at a gas station in a stolen Jetta,” says Big Boi.

Two years later, I would find myself accompanying Bun B to OutKast’s reunion concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. There, Bun would be the final surprise guest of the night. Here’s to hoping one day I can sit down with Andre for an interview.