Sexyy Red “SkeeYee” (cumbia edit)

Artwork for Sama'an Ashrawi's cumbia edit of Sexyy Red's "SkeeYee".

So the other day I was just messing around on my controller and thought I’d see what it sounded like if I put Sexyy Red’s “SkeeYee” over one of Selena’s many great cumbia records. I tweeted it out and it went un poquito viral before Sexyy Red retweeted it.

The FADER described “SkeeYee” as Sexyy Red aka Hood Hottest Princess’ “rallying cry” and broke down the meaning behind the song as such:

The fuck is “SkeeYee”? It’s when you tell a guy to pull up, and also when you swerve him anyway — he wants to fuck with you but you’ve got him stuck. SkeeYee is the baddest bitch showing up to the club, single-handedly turning the party, and the sound of the jewelry on her wrist. Sometimes SkeeYee’s just “Skeeeeyeeeeee,” plain and simple.

Pitchfork gave her mixtape, Hood Hottest Princess, an incredible 8.0, and described it thusly:

You could let practically all of Hood Hottest Princess ride at a party or club without killing the vibe; it’s 30 minutes of straight-up standing-on-the-table raps. There are a handful of songs on here that are bound to be summertime anthems (if they aren’t, then we’ll get what we deserve, which is three months of rappers riding the wave of club-rap and J. Cole and Lil Durk doing their version of Schoolhouse Rock). “Hellcat SRTs,” a song about getting turned on by a man who’s willing to do everything behind the wheel that traffic laws would advise against (speeding, fucking, smoking dope), will turn dancefloors into shouting matches. The beat is so thunderous that it sounds like you should be listening to it in an IMAX theater.

I’ve already had people send me video of DJs playing my SkeeYee cumbia edit in different cities and that is the coolest thing to me. So please send me more video of people playing it, it goes off every time!

Similar to New Orleans bounce music, cumbia is a great bed for creating blends and edits.

Listen to the full edit below and download it here.